Professional Liability Litigation

CC&G prosecutes and defends claims brought against lawyers, accountants, and other professionals.  We have represented national law firms in complex legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty cases, as well as claims that they have aided and abetted their clients’ alleged wrongdoing.   The firm also represents individual attorneys in compensation and dissolution-related disputes.   

In addition to its work with lawyers, the firm has defended and brought suit against other professionals, including accountants, architects, real estate brokers, insurance agents and brokers, and trustees and administrators, in cases arising out of allegations that their work did not satisfy the relevant standard of care.  

Representative Cases 

  • The firm’s client, a national law firm, had represented the acquired corporation in an M&A transaction.  It was sued by its client’s former shareholders, who alleged that malpractice in the preparation of the transactional documents resulted in an indemnification claim by the acquiring entity against them.  An award of summary judgment in the law firm’s favor, affirmed on appeal, extricated the law firm prior to a complicated trial between the parties to the transaction. 
  • Following a lengthy jury trial, CC&G obtained a defense verdict for a national law firm which had been sued for malpractice in connection with its conduct of litigation arising out of a dispute between founders of a start-up corporation.   On the law firm’s counterclaim, the jury also awarded the law firm its unpaid legal fees.  
  • A bankruptcy trustee sued a national law firm, represented by CC&G, alleging that it had failed to disclose an allegedly disqualifying conflict of interest.   The United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts entered summary judgment for our client without reaching the merits of the alleged conflict of interest, ruling that the trustee could not in any event show a causal connection between the alleged undisclosed conflict and any damages.
  • After representing the acquired corporation in an M&A transaction, a national law firm was sued by the former shareholders of the corporation who alleged that the firm had committed malpractice in the preparation of the transactional documents resulting in an indemnification claim brought by the acquiring entity against the former shareholders.  CC&G won summary judgment for the law firm.
  • A national law firm was sued by its client’s former business partners, alleging a variety of torts including fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and aiding and abetting breaches of fiduciary duty. These third-party claims were resolved in our client’s favor on summary judgment. 
  • A major law firm won dismissal of a claim brought against it in United States District Court for over $250 million and successfully obtained affirmance of that dismissal in the United States Court of Appeals.  The plaintiffs were representatives of a class that had been certified in earlier litigation against former clients of the law firm, and they sought to recover against  the law firm the massive judgment that had previously been awarded to the class. CC&G served as co-counsel to the law firm and developed the legal argument adopted by both the District Court and the First Circuit when ruling in favor of our client.
  • A manufacturer of semi-conductor packaging products included in its IPO Registration materials an audited financial statement prepared by a prominent national law firm.  It was later determined that the accounting treatment in the financial statement of a transaction entered into by the company was not in accord with GAAP, resulting in a class action against the manufacturer.  CC&G was engaged to prosecute the manufacturer’s malpractice claim against the auditor which was settled favorably after targeted discovery.